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The year 2005 marks the 10th Anniversary of  The Dedication of the National Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C. It is also the 6th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Texas Korean War Memorial on the State Capitol Grounds in Austin. In honor of both these anniversaries, the editors of The Warrior, the Texas Lone Star Chapter Newsletter,  have produced a special Commemorative Issue for sale to the public.
The Special Issue has been printed on glossy magazine style paper. It includes twelve pages of beautiful color pictures and accompanying stories. It tells the stories behind both monuments and includes information on the Dedication Ceremonies, etc. There are many great pictures of the National Wall, the Statues, and the Pool of Remembrance, Tent City, and the Parade down Constitution Avenue. The Texas Memorial section tells the chronological story of the monument from conception to completion, plus stories and pictures about the Groundbreaking and the Dedication, with then Governor Bush and the South Korean Ambassador among the speakers.
There is a special section dedicated to our good friends at Samsung in Austin, who helped make the Texas Memorial a reality and who are still helping us today. It was they who printed the special issue for us on their very sophisticated equipment. There is also some space devoted to the Korean War Memorial dedicated in 2000 at the Houston National Cemetery.
All in all, this very special Issue makes a great keepsake for every Korean War veteran, and their families and friends as well.
If you wish to obtain a copy or copies, the cost is $5.00 each plus shipping and handling charges, as follows:
1 copy        -    add $1.25
2 copies      -    add $1.75
3 copies      -    add $2.00
4 copies      -    add $2.50
5copies       -    add $3.00
Make checks out to Lee Henderson and mail to Lee at:
5631 Berry Drive
Houston, Texas 77017-6801. Lee will work with our Treasurer to control and account for all funds raised.
Want a sneak peek at the special Issue?  This is a special keepsake. Don't miss the opportunity to have one.